WOD: 6-5-12


Strength: 3 rounds for max reps:

Deadhang Pull Ups

If you do more than 10 in your first set, put on a vest for the last two sets.  No more than 1:15 between sets.

WOD:  5 rounds for time of:

12 Power Snatch (95/65)

18 Push-up


Oh snap!  Now that the Squat cycle is over, it is time for us to gain some strength in other areas.  By other, I of course mean gymnastics.  All of your lifts can benefit from a stronger  core/set of shoulders/grip strength/body awareness.  Getting better at gymnastics can also mean the difference between a 9:59 and a 10:01 finish on any given workout.  It is not a lot, but it certainly feels like it.  So for the next couple of months you are going to see a lot more of the “gymnasticky” stuff sprinkled gingerly on top of your workout.

As far as today goes, I propose a question!  In rounds 3-5, how will you properly and quickly move the bar during the Snatch when your arms are done after the deadhangs and the Push Ups?  If your answer is: “shut up”, then you are wrong and didn’t think the question through.  Proper form and popping your hips will be a salvation for your shoulder and will make the snatches a breeze.  One giant piece of advice for the Push Ups would be not to come to failure unless you are on your last round, otherwise recovering enough to do more than three reps will mean a whole lot of looking around will be taking place.

I can’t confirm this in any way, but Josh Plosker did say in one of my dreams that he would do 100 Burpees in any outfit provided that the gym met it’s fundraising goal.

Now let’s all make my dream come true,


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